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Bohemian China and Glass
Bohemian China and Glass
Location: /Basket Chandeliers



Product Information

Exclusive to, small design with ornate glass shades and Bohemian 30% PbO crystal trimmings. Suitable for low/ standard ceilings and small areas. Beautiful ornate frame & crystals sparkle with the light to create a wonderful display. Chandelier shown above in the gold finish. Made in the Czech Republic.

Wattage: 1 x 40 E14/ses

Weight:  2 kg

Size: W:16.5cm   H: 15cm (Excluding rod/cup)

Frame Finish: Gold, Nickel, Dark Patina

Availability: 1 in stock (Gold Finish)

                       1 in Stock (Nickel Finish)

For orders and enquiries please call 01582 451360

All prices stated are for chandeliers produced in the gold finish, 10% extra will be charged for chandeliers produced in the nickel finish

Price: £135

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