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Bohemian China and Glass
Bohemian China and Glass

Coloured Chandeliers

In our coloured chandeliers category, you will find an impressive range of designs. These will suit different placements that require either subtle, rich or flamboyant colours. Why not make your own personal statement by adding a touch of colour to enhance your decor in any area of your home etc. Coloured chandeliers create a warm and rich atmosphere and are a outstanding focal point. Below you will find a selection of chandeliers shown in many colours, if you require a colour not shown please feel free to call as we can produce different colours.

A minimum of 21cm must be added to the chandelier height (H) to include one link and cup to cover the wiring. All prices stated are for chandeliers produced in the gold finish,10% extra will be charged for the nickel finish.

The crystal used on our chandeliers are: Exclusive Bohemian Czech lead crystal 30%PbO & 24%PbO.

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