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Bohemian China and Glass
Bohemian China and Glass

Over the last decade we have had  many residential and commercial clients, who have expressed their concerns about size, height,  finishes, installation regarding their chandelier.  Please read our  PLEASE NOTE section which will answer your questions.

Please Note:  As we endeavour to give our customers the best possible images, please be aware that the images are a general quide to shape, size and finish.  The true beauty, glamour and sparkle of our chandeliers can only be experienced by actually seeing them.  Even the smallest design can brighten up a dull room instantly!!

No acrylic parts are used on any of our products.

Ceiling heights: Low ceilings, 228cm (7ft 6"). Standard ceilings, 245cm (8ft). High ceilings, 292cm (9ft 7")and over. Please measure your ceiling height to determine the right size of your chandelier (chandeliers can be placed lower if hung over a coffee/dinning table).

A minimum of 21cm must be added to the chandelier height (H) to include one link and cup.  All chandeliers come will 3 or 5 links and a ornate cup to cover the electrical wires.  All our crystal chandeliers (armed) are normally posted out unassembled. 

Bulbs are not supplied in the priced stated - must be purchased separately.

The crystal trimmings on our chandeliers are as follows: Exclusive Bohemian Crystal (Czech republic 30%PbO). The machine cut trimmings are characteristic with brilliant polish and decompose the light beams in a light spectrum.

 Preciosa crystal (Czech republic 30%PbO).

 Our chandeliers can also be produced with Spectra (Swarovski, austrian crystal). The name of this manufacturer quarantees the highest possible quality in the world.  The trimmings are made from optically pure glass, processed by most modern cutting devices. Please call for a quote if you would like your chandelier dressed with spectra.

We keep spare parts to all our designs in case of breakage.

 All prices stated are for chandeliers produced in the gold finish, note that 10% extra will be charged for chandeliers produced in the nickel finish.

Dimmers can be used with our chandeliers.

 Larger and smaller versions of chandeliers and wall scones can be produced to match all chandeliers designs.  We can produce matching wall scones, table lamps and standards to most of our design.

 All sizes and weights of chandeliers are a approximate quideline (occasionally they may variate) and are normally very close to the weights and measurements stated. If in doubt please contact us for exact measurements.

Technical Information as follows: CE, CSN TEST, IEC 598 - 2 -1,  and IECEE CB SCHEME

Our suppliers reserve the right to make minor changes to their products without prior notice.

We can recommend an electrican for the installation of your chandelier.  Please contact us for a quote, as this will vary due to location and size of chandelier.

Our delivery charges are: £15 to anywhere in England and Wales

  • For deliveries to any other destination we will give you an exact quote.
  • Charges based on standard parcel size and weight.
  • In the event of irregular parcel size or weight we will contact you to advise you


      How to maintain your chandelier.

        Once your chandelier is up and running, every now and then you can feather dust it.   When the chandelier has lost some sparkle and is coated with dust then you need to hand wash the crystal with lukewarm soapy water, using a mild detergent and then rinse in clean water and dry (wipe the frame with a damp cloth).

  •  Always locate your the leaflet provided (diagram) before removing crystal, so you’ll know how to reassemble the chandelier. If you’ve lost the leaflet then take a section off at a time wash/dry and then replace and so on.

  • If you dust and wipe your chandeliers regulary, their is no need to remove your crystal trimmings each time.

  • Before cleaning, put something soft (blanket) under your crystal chandelier so that, if a piece of crystal falls, your table or floor won’t suffer and the crystal wont be damaged.

  • Never twirl or rotate your crystal chandelier. When cleaning, walk or move your ladder around the chandelier and clean in sections. By rotating a chandelier, you risk loosening its support, which could cause the chandelier or its crystals to fall.

  • Avoid putting excess pressure on arms whilst changing bulbs and cleaning, due to the nature of this product, if excess pressure is applied, arms are at risk of bending. Finally, wipe the light bulbs but wait till they’re completely cool!  Wear white cotton gloves whenever possible to avoid finger marks.

  • After cleaning make sure the chandelier is secure and all end nuts and grub screws are securely fastened.

  • Chandelier cleaning sprays are also available to buy. Follow the instructions carefully on how to use these cleaning products safely.

  • For larger chandeliers there are companies who specialize in cleaning large chandeliers.

    Do not put crystal in the dishwasher!



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